About us

Who we are

Started as a sole trade business in 2008, ComvergenceM2M became a Ltd company in 2016 focussing solely on wireless Machine to Machine technologies such as Cellular, GNSS and IOT. 

Building on decades of combined experience in the industry, we “do different” by leading with a Radio Frequency bias. We work with our customers to assist them in understanding how best to architect their designs for best performance ahead of selecting components based on simple data sheet claims.

This approach often enables Customers to achieve better RF performance in more compact, elegant solutions by ensuring that each of the components work with, rather than against each other in the design.


“A different approach to serve our customers with the best service”



While Partnership is constantly over and misused in our industry, ComvergenceM2M Ltd prides itself on the relationship it has with key customers who number some of the largest and most successful Wireless suppliers in Europe.

Many of those key customers consider us to be part of their R&D department, consulting with us early in product definition cycles in order to sanity check then optimise proposed architectures prior to detailed design.